Domestic Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer

We understand the challenges that a common man faces to send money to their family and friends & that's why we always strive to provide an unparalleled banking experience through our simple remittance service that is easily accessible anytime from your nearest Rechargekit outlet.

Customers don't need to travel long distances to go to bank branches, stand in long queues, and fill complicated forms to avail basic banking services. To address this, Rechargekitintegrates with major banks in India and leverages its platform to empower i's retailers to provide domestic money remittance or cash deposit service in customer's bank account instantly 24X7. Our secure, immediate and easy domestic service allows you to send money to any bank account in India. We provides the best money transfer services in India.

Online Money Transfer Agency

With Rechargekit you can open your own online money transfer franchise through which you will be able to transfer money, DMT, send money to bank account instantly through our highly secured money transfer business software and you will earn attractive commission in each successful transaction. We have more than 10,000 agents in PAN India who are successfully working with us and are earning good. Online money remittance business setup is very easy. You just need one shop of any size and have instant money transfer agent portal. Collect the money from the sender in cash, insert the receiver's account information, enter the money and press the send button. You will get the commission in every successful transaction. Also it is very simple to topup your Rechargekit portal with debit card or credit card.

Best Money Transfer App

Rechargekit is the perfect money transfer app for paying out transferring money to people around in India. With its broad catalog of qualifying states, low fees, and a variety of ways receivers can access their money, it's easy to see the appeal of this app. They don't have a transfer minimum, making them the perfect fit for domestic transactions between family and friends. However, what makes Rechargekit's truly stand out is its fast transaction time. Domestic cash transfers are processed instantly. While this app doesn't have some of the fancier features of other domestic fund transfer app, Rechargekit's simplicity can be appealing to some. You can download our App from playstore.

Online Money Transfer Services Business

Rechargekit offers you to send money to bank account instantly. Our portal is very simple and easy to use for our partners. It is highly secured that whenever it is login, OTP or one time password is generate instantly and success login will be done after entering the OTP received in the registered mobile number. Transfer money business is very profitable business because one gets good commission in each successful transaction. You can also take instant money transfer dealership with Rechargekit open your business in minimum investment. You can call our customer care number 8142600000 and get the information about money transfer business in Hindi and English.

How to use?

Domestic money remittance as easy as mobile recharge and you need to collect the customers mobile no, Beneficiary bank account number, Bank name, IFSC code and the amount to be transferred to the customer. Complete the transaction by entering details at Rechargekit web portal or our android mobile app. The customer's account will be credited instantly and the customer will also be notified via SMS with the details of the transaction in real time.

Transaction Modes

Our platform supports IMPS and NEFT transaction modes, based on customer's requirements and beneficiary bank.

Major Features

Start providing money transfer service online via Rechargekit to your customers and increase your income.